What are the uses of filter funnel? What is the uses of test tube? What is the uses of mortal and pestle?


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Filter funnels, test tubes and mortar and pestles are all equipment used within laboratory settings. Filter funnels serve to separate solids from liquids. Test tubes are generally used to mix, hold or heat relatively small quantities of chemical liquids or solids and the mortar and pestle are used to grind or crush solids into powder.

  • Filter Funnels
Filter funnels may be made from plastic or glass. As the name suggests, these funnels are used for filtering solids out of liquids. This is usually done by folding a round piece of filter paper into a cone and inserting it into the funnel. As the fluid is poured through this filter, solid particles too large to pass through the paper are kept behind, while the rest of the fluid strains into a receptacle below. Both liquid and solids can then be analyzed separately if required.

  • Test Tubes
As well as being used to mix, hold or heat substances for qualitative experiments, finger sized test tubes can also be used, usually filled with water and placed upside down into a water-filled beaker or similar, to capture gases during electrolysis demonstrations, for instance.

Their round bottom and straight long sides minimize loss during pouring, allow convenient monitoring of contents during experiments and slow down the spreading of gases or vapors produced in experiments. Larger tubes are often employed to boil liquids. Most test tubes are made from glass, although some may consist of plastic.

  • Mortar and Pestle
Mortar and pestle, made from wood, stone, metal and other materials, are not only useful for crushing or grinding substances in laboratory settings, but are also frequently used in pharmaceutical settings during the preparation of medications, and in the kitchen, when herbs and spices have to be ground or crushed.

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