What are the different lakes in the philippines?


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There are many lakes in the Philippines - nearly too many to list. For a complete list of the many lakes you can visit the 'Lakes in the Philippines' page of Wikipedia. The list includes large and small lakes alike, including Ambuklao, Apo, Balanan, Bababu, Butig, Calibato, Caliraya, Bulusan and Cabalian. These lakes all vary from thousands of hectares, to just a few hectares in size. They are found right across this part of the world and are all known for different reasons.

  • Some information
Most of the lakes in the Philippines actually originate from both the seismic and volcanic activity that constantly occur. The area of the world has a huge history of volcanic and seismic activity, meaning that many lakes have been created over thousands of years.

In fact, many old volcanoes that are no longer active have lakes at the top. The lakes have occurred as the crater is a perfect place for water to be stored. Many of the smaller lakes are simply just water-filled volcano craters.

Some of the lake basins within the Philippines have been developed by the subsidence resultant on either volcanic changes or plate tectonics under the earth.

  • Back story to the creation of some Filipino lakes

Many other lakes across the Philippines have been created as a result of some kind of obstruction to the drainage courses. These obstructions are generally caused by landslides, which are really common in the Philippine landscapes. The obstructions may also be caused by volcanic ejecta (which is fragmental) or even just basic lava flows.

Many lakes are known simply because they are so huge. The lakes in the Philippines can be so huge that they are mistaken for the ocean. Other lakes actually have rather large economic importance due to the jobs and livestock that they can offer the Philippine people.

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