If you weighed more then 300 pounds would you tell people your weight in kilo? Example: "how much do you weigh" - "140"


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It's obviously down to choice what you tell a person, as either way, you will be telling the person how much you weight. Psychologically it may seem different telling someone your weight in another measurement, but ultimately it's the same.

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300 pounds in kilos is around 136, meaning it's roughly half the amount. If you were to tell somebody your weight in kilos it would, psychologically, sound like less. This is because of the simple matter of the numbers. By giving someone a smaller number they are bound to, automatically, assume that it's less than it actually is.

You must remember, though, there's no real reason why you should have to tell anybody your weight. If it's a friend or a family member who want to know out of curiosity, you don't really have to tell them. That's your own personal business and it's down to you to decide whether you want to tell them your weight or not.

Things change when it comes to medical issues, however. When your doctor asks you what your weight is, then you are going to have to tell them for your own sake. Telling your doctor doesn't really matter, and it doesn't really matter whether you tell your doctor your weight in pounds or kilos. The doctor will not judge and it's not down to them to make a judgment about you in the first place. The doctor, too, may ask you whether you know it in pounds and in this case you will just need to tell them the truth. If you don't know the answer then the doctor will simply weight you themselves, using scales in their office.

Don't be self conscious about your weight, it shouldn't concern anyone else.

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