Will i get trained as an artisan with maths, science, fitting&turning and technical drawings matric?


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An artisan, taken from the Italian word 'Artigiano', is a skilled manual worker that makes functional and decorative items. These may include everything from furniture, jewelry, clothing, and glassware.

  • History
Traditionally the artisans were the main producers of products prior to the industrial revolution and the onset of mass production.

The industrial revolution caused many skilled craftsmen to go out of business or seek other ways to make a living, as they could not compete with the lower costs and quick production times of factory made goods.

More recently the word artisan has come back into favor, to denote craftsmen and women who use traditional techniques and processes to make goods, such as jewelry and furniture.

  • Trades
The following are often seen as artisan trades:


The popularity in these areas of craft and design has seen the market for individually made and independently owned shops increase.

Subsequently consumers looking for one-off, quirky designs, are willing to pay larger amounts than they would for more commercially mass-produced products.

  • Training
There is no official training to be a an artisan, and many trades considered to be part of the movement are still in decline due to a limited market and a lack of opportunities for young people to learn the trades.

  • Further details
If you would like more information on such careers and courses, it is recommended you visit your local college/university or speak to an artisan trader to see if they offer apprenticeships.

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