Why does the news media insist on only reporting entertainment news and fluff pieces (which have no relevance to me) and important hard news (which only makes me sad)?


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News media relies on viewing figures or circulations to justify their sponsors, advertising or profits.Entertainment or celebrity-obsessed culture and headline news take in the two most popular demographics - young people and the older generation.These are targetted and popular advertising sources that are profitable, so media reportage will be based around their interests.
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William Hirsch
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Good answer. This question was more of a joke really, about how people complain about the reported news no matter what it is.
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Because that's what people want to see. Like it or not the news industry is a business and if people don't want to read about or see something then it won't get reported.
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Patrick McAvoy
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And it's tragic, isn't it? For one, that the media, so important to the "informed citizenry" necessary for the electoral process, hinges on profit alone. And two, that people are such chowderheads!

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