10.5 Inches = ___ Cm?


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10 and a half inches is equivalent to 26.25cm. All good rulers and tape measures come with centimetres and inches indicated along either edge. In some cases, especially with fabric tape measures (used in fashion and tailoring), the inches rule will be on the reverse side. Generally though, all you have to do is follow the size in inches across to the corresponding figure in centimetres or millimetres.
If you wanted to be truly accurate you'd note that actually one inch is not 2.5cm but 2.54cm. This means that 10 and a half inches is, specifically, 26.7716cm, and not the generally assumed and rounded down 26.25cm.
10.5 inches also equates to 0.875ft, or 0.291666667 yards.
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1 inch is equal to 2.54 cm
If there are 10.5 inches then simply multiply 10.5 with 2.54 and you will get the answer in cm Like

1 inch = 2.54 cm
10.5 inch = 2.54(10.54)cm
= 26.7716 cm >>> answer
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48 mm equals how many inches
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48 mm = 1 in ____ 25.4 mm
?? ____ 48 mm

SO: 48mm x 1 in 48
______ = _____ = 1.889 in
25.4 mm 25.4

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