Does Salt Water Evaporate Faster Than Fresh Water ?


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Other things being equal, salt water evaporates slower than fresh water.

The boiling point of salt water is higher, which means that it must be raised to a higher temperature for its vapor pressure to equal atmospheric pressure. The lower vapor pressure of salt water means it evaporates more slowly.

Another way to think about it is this. The preferred state of the salt is "in solution." This means it resists being dissociated from the water, as happens when the water evaporates.
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That depends what is the area of water, like is it in an open container with a wide opening or one with a small opening.... What is the temp of the water, is the water moving or still.... The water in my saltwater tank seems to be evaporating quicker, but there is a bigger filter on it and a biger area for it to evaporate faster... So it depends on the conditions of the water...
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I believe this is because salt water has a higher density of water compared to water/fresh water. Adding salt makes the water increase in density thus salt water will have a lower rate of evaporation compared to fresh water.

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I think no.
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Salt water because there is 98% of saltwater.And fresh water is only the sun will take more salt water!
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Some of us understand the question to be about volume per unit time per unit area, other things being equal. You are correct that these units and conditions are not specified, so the question can reasonably be considered to be about volume per unit time. Without question, the vast area of salt water assures a much larger volume of salt water will evaporate in a given time period.

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