How do you deal with feeling dissapointed in the world you're living in? All the selfish people, careless people, crimes, etc. It's too much and I can't see anything good anymore.


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Debj Pilkington Profile
Debj Pilkington answered
Think about what you love, animals maybe? And volunteer. Where you find volunteers, you will find good people! You can make a contribution by just smiling, it really does make people feel good!
Arthur Wright Profile
Arthur Wright answered
Life's nothing but a journey as we all end up in the same spot in the end. You have to start thinking positive and looking at all the good God has done for all of us and not what man has done or is doing as they will pay dearly for their actions one day. Life is what we make of it so find and take the ride that will take you the most adventerous and exciting way home and forget the one that's filled with evil and misery, and bad people, although it's hard I know especially when all this you mention is everywhere and everyday but life goes on and so must you but looking for all the good God put here for you to see. Sometimes you may have to dig to find the good in people but it's there.

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