In Which Direction Does The Katabatic Wind Blow In?


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Occurring all over the world katabatic winds blow from high elevations areas such as mountains, hills and plateaus along their slopes to low level plains and valleys. The katabatic wind is known by several names such as Chinook, Bora and Foehn. Typically what happens is that up in higher grounds or mountainous regions cold air due to its density and gravity is forced to blow downwards. In this case down the slopes of the hills, plateaus or mountains thus rapidly cooling the air around it and hence is also termed as mountain breeze. These winds can sometimes reach up to speeds of four meters per second!

The opposite of katabatic wind is anabatic wind also called valley breeze. Anabatic winds being in the valleys and rise up the slopes of the hills, mountains and plateaus. While katabatic winds primarily arise due to high pressure and lowered temperatures anabatic winds are caused because of a rise in temperatures.

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