Could You Briefly Explain What Effect Will Each Of The Following Have On The Demand For Product B?


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A. If product B become more fashionable its demand will rise the reason is that the demand for goods which form a part of habbits, tastes, and fashion is always inelastic because people prefer to purchase them even though their prices undergoes a big change
B. if price of substitute product C falls the demand for product B will decrease( the demand is generally elastic)
C. When income of a consumer decreases he purchases less of superior good and more of inferior goods so demand of product B will rise(when B is an inferior good)
D. the demand for product B at present time will fall so consumers will buy it when its price will be lower in future
E. if the price of complementary good D falls the demand for product B will rise
e.g increase in price of petrol decreases in demand for cars
or decrease in price of petrol increases the demand for cars
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A. Product B becomes more fashionable would result in high demand.
B. The price of substitute product C falls would lead to low demand since people may switch to the substitute.
C. A good generally becomes inferior when the income rises and in that case the demand decreases according to consumer theory.
D. Consumers anticipate the price of B will be lower in the near future would result in low demand since people would wait for prices to fall.
E. The price of complementary product D falls, increase in demand would be observed for example id the price of DVD players decrease then the demand for DVDs would increase.

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