Do Men Fart More Than Women?


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Actually, the release of gas is normal and is more natural when a person is standing, as it will be released slowly. If one sits for long periods of time, methane will build up and then will be released in larger doses due to it being compressed. That is why it is recommended to walk around a bit when at a sit down job. Both male and females will release the same amount, but also, diet will have a great impact on how much. Especially when eating many greens, more frequent but by the same toke, as they say, silent but deadly due to mass meat consumption. Those who spend more time sitting and depending on diet will have a tendency to release in greater outbursts.
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tinga nih answered
It all depends.. It is more of MEN farting loud than women.. (my opinion) its not feminine if a woman go farting loud in the streets.. LOL but boys do that.. And I think they really don't care much about it.. Nut of course not all!
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Actually there's been a study of men and women test subjects conducted by a research team. Yes, men do pass gas more than women but not by much. We're talking average people with average normal eating habits. It is normal for humans to have gas. We dispense either upstairs or downstairs if you know what I mean. Average daily gas we pass is about 4 liters. Hope this explains your curiosity.
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Scientifically there is no difference between men and women when it comes to farting. Most men do not care if they pass gas in public. Where most women go somewhere private. So it seems like men fart more than women.

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