Where Did The Word 'Fossil' Originate From?


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Fossil got its origin from the Latin language, derived from the word fodere, which means 'to dig'. Originally the word was taken under the comprehension of any old and inquisitive object or creature digging out of the earth. Nevertheless standpoints changed as the middle of the sixteenth century approached. Then fossils were classified specifically as earlier forms of life, most of them dating back to millions of years ago.

Fossils are of numerous kinds. Some are stones, which were soft once upon a time and contain the imprints of plants that are extinct. Some were of seashell imprints and sometimes even the body of animals. Another type of fossil are animal footprints that were engraved in the ground and were strange-looking in their petrified form. The study of fossils is quite a detailed area of study and is generally known as palaeontology, a field that has led scientists to solve many unsolved mysteries and has enabled them to discover things that helped them to gain acumen about historical facts.

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