How Can I Build A Model Of The Buckingham Palace.i Can Have A Partner And I Can Only Use One Cup Of Water And Cant Be More Than Two Feet Wide And Two Feet Tall.i Am Only Twelve?


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Use a cardboard box and glue.  Find on the internet the dimensions of the Palace, and a picture of it (Like a floor plan, but just use the outside walls).  Make 1 inch equal to 1 or 2 feet of the real dimensions (so if the real building is 25 Feet wide and 20 feet long, your model will be 25 inches by 20 inches)  It is a pretty big building so you might have to make 1 inch equal 10 feet in order to make sure your model is less than 2ft by 2ft.  The water I am not sure how you would use, unless to make a model of a fountain or pool on the property.

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