Where Did The Name "Pakistan" Originated From? Is It True It Has A Derivation? What Is The Composition Of The Name Pakistan?


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The name Pakistan was chosen by Chowdery Rehmat Ali who was a very active member who supported the theory of an independent Muslim nation.

The name "Pakistan" means the land of Pure and it both an Urdu and Persian word. However as far as its derivation is concerned. There are a few accounts to which the name can be attributed to.

It is thought that Chowdery Rehmat Ali choose the word Pakistan to symbolize the religious beliefs and the ethical stocks of the people living. Below is one of the Derivation of the name Pakistan:

A: Afghania(N.W.F.P)
N:Baluchistan (where the "n", the last letter of Baluchistan has been taken into consideration).

The composition of the name Pakistan has come out with respect to the neighboring Muslim countries which were considered to be part of the culture of the Muslims of India at that time.

However this composition is highly debatable as there was no province as "Afghania".

Another composition that is known is same till "PAKIS", However it is thought that the last three letters "TAN" are due to the last three letters of the province BaluchisTAN.

Another Confusion that go about with the historians is with the province of Bangla which had a vast majority of Muslim population and which later was to be part of Pakistan.

The best known theory till to date that is presented is from the Persian language where "stan" means "to stand or stay" (land to stay) and "Pak" means Pure. Therefore meaning Land of Pure. This is the best known theory and remains the most popular among text books.
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PAKISTAN name comes from hindu news paper and congrasS 1940. They always criticize muslim and wrote in their news paper and congress spoke that muslim need PAKISTAN. MUSLIM in hindustan that time never think about the name of there independent land.SO QUAID AZAM MUHAMMAD ALI JINNAH give statement on this act.HE SAID. WE ARE THANKS TO CONGRASS AND HINDU NEWS PAPER THEY GIVE US NAME; PAKISTAN..
PAKISTAN,s national anthem also wrote in persian language..and the name PAKISTAN is also the word of persian. MUSLIM believe that this name comes from ALLAH to the muslim. Becouse there iis very logic answer by a lot of MUSLIM SCHOLAR.
1: PAKISTAN consist of two words. PAK and ISTAN. In persian language ISTAN mean ( land, place, teroritry, like afganistan, tajikistan uzbekistan. Where afgan , tagik, uzbek live) in ARBIC ISTAN mean MADINA. The first word PAK in arabic mean TAYYAB, so in arabic this PAKISTAN word is directly translanted in MADINA TAYYBA. Which currently situated in  SAUDI ARABIA.

2: PAKISTAN known as MADINA E SANI.becouse of physical location, when the time of PROPHET MOHAMMAD(  MUHAMMAD ( was in madina he tried 9 years to defeat MUSHRAKEEN from  MAKKA. And want to win this land. But at that time MUAHAMMAD( CHANGE HIS STRAGATICS  and inform his army stop the war and and lets go first defeat JEWS from KHABER. And when KHABER caputered by muslim. In next year MAKKA also won.
So same situation with pakistan, india ( mushrakeen) and isrea (jews). PAKISTAN always face threat from PAKISTAN nad its nuclear capacity.

3: Thats why muslim believe in hadees of MUHAMMAD( GHAZWA HIND. Which is STILL INCOMPELET.which is done by PAKISTAN.

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