What Is The Action Of Luca's Test On Propanol?


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Lucas test is performed by reacting propanol with concentrated HCl in anhydrous zinc chloride.
Propanol has two possible formations .One is primary propanol CH3 -CH2- CH2-OH and other is
secondary propanol .Primary propanol give cloudy solution on heating or after five minutes and form propyl chloride and water.This cloudy solution is due to presense of insoluble alkyl halide in water.Where as secondary propanol give cloudy solution after 10-15 min of reaction and form iso propyl chloride and water.
CH3-CH2-CH2-OH +HCl+ZnCl2---->CH3CH2CH2Cl+H20
CH3-CH3 CH-0H +HCl+ZnCl2------>CH3-CH3CH-Cl+H20
  Lucas test

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