How Are Tides Affected By The Sun?


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Tides, by definition, refer to cyclic rising as well as falling of our plant's ocean surface owing to the tidal forces attributed to the Moon and Sun which essentially act on the oceans. Thus both the Sun in addition to Moon are held responsible. The changing tide which you see is essentially caused by the shifting location of the Sun as well as the Moon relative to our planet added to the effects of the planet's rotation as well as the local bathymetry

Another interesting factoid is that despite the very gravitational force exerted on us by our Sun being more or less 200 times much more powerful than that essentially exerted by the Moon, you still find the tidal force which is wrought by our Moon is roughly doubly strong as compared to that by the Sun. It is observed that this results for the reason that the tidal force is not actually correlated with the force of a gravitational field but would be related to its gradient.

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