In A Disaster, Should Women And Children Always Be The First People Rescued?


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I do not think it should be determined by a gender or an age. I think that it should be the person the needs the attention the most...someone who is seriously injured....but able to be helped.
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I saw an interesting segment on the news yesterday, dealing with the Titanic and the Lusitania.
Apparently new evidence suggests men on the Lusitania didn't have as much "chivalry" as those on the Titanic.
Some think this is because the Titanic took hours to sink, where the Lusitania took around 18 minutes.
They said apparently chivalry takes time to form, I would agree with this statement.
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NO. I'm so sick of the "women and children first" thing. Do adult males ever get a break?

Okay maybe females are more important because they can have kids; ie one man can impregnate several females, but one woman and several males is still limited to one baby per 9 months. The limiting factor is women. So logically women should be saved, but maybe in a 3:1 ratio, so as to be fair. And kids? Who needs 'em. Only the sexually mature population should be saved. The individuals with the highest fitness should also be saved so as to preserve the species.
But that's looking at it from a logical perspective. If we look at it morally... Then I guess we could save women and children first..
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Hey! You buys yer ticket, you takes yer chances. It's every man for himself. I'm a professional hero and getting sorry about saving people. There's only so much a man of courage can do.

One after thought. You will never know how you will react until a situation arises, that's when your true colors show. Don't praise yourselves too early.
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Yes, because they are our future. Of course, if it was Sarah Palin...
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I say yes because children have a whole life in front of them to complete and women, well, isn't the general rule "ladies first"?
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Yes,because they can go on if the man does not survive.the wife can remarry and the children can grow and have a the world decided men do not contribute to society as women and children they are expendable in the grand scheme of furthering the human race. As we have seen with the gay and lesbian life style.right? 2 women can have kids all by themselves and two guys can produce a child without a woman.what ?you mean this isn't how procreation mean man does have to be there to raise their children into stand up citizens of the world to procreate with the opposite sex and make the next generations of human beings to continue the human that's odd that God made man and woman to continue human life in marriage of one man and one woman by procreation.sorry,but some people on earth would have children and men and women believe that 2 men can create life or two woman can create life magically without man as God intended it. I know I got off track a little but in the long and short of your question this is why the women and children are saved first to continue the lineage of the family and their name. Because if the family unit is destroyed the name does not other words the family tree will lose a branch.funny how the world knows the right answer in a emergency situation but when it comes to the worlds lineage they let homosexuals promote a lie on the world to think they can be married and procreate without distorting the natural laws of life/procreation.I suppose if all male homosexual were left on the planet that they could continue the race of humans by procreation or if all women were left that they could procreate without man. ..odd how a rescue question can lead to a discussion on how the lie homosexuals are trying ot pass off as reality does not hold up for marriage/equal rights under marriage laws.funny how there has to be one of each sex to make the next generation of human life.sorry for going off on a tangent. The truth to the question is to have a overwhelming number of women to the number of men for the odds of procreation to continue life.even though most women with kids would not remarry after the death of their husband unless it was do to finances in this day and age.
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Since I am a woman, I am all for this women and children first concept.  :)  Truthfully, I believe it should certainly be the children first as any parent will tell you.  If you have a choice to make, and it is me or my child, take my child to safety.  If it a choice between a man and a woman, I fail to see why I should be rescued before my husband or vice-versa for that matter.  I believe Saints 7 is the easiest one first and then come back for the more difficult rescue -but- if there is injuries,  remove the most injured first.  In cases such as multiple needed rescues as has occurred in the earthquakes, take the parties out as you come to, woman or child, first reached should be first removed so that they are not impeding the rescue of others by being in the way.
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Truly It Depends On Whose Hurt Most.. Then The Children. Then The Women. Those Titanic Selfish Swine Jumped Onto Lifeboats First.. They Made Women And The 3rd Class People Stay On The Ship. Whose The Nitwit Who Didn't Put Enough Life Boats On This Luxury Ship?? Always Concerned About Class And Not Safety?.   There Were Some Really Rich People On That Ship.. Did They Get Off First? Men Have To Stay Behind To Make Sure All Hurt People And Kids Get Onto Lifeboats.. Keeping Women And Children Safe Should Be First Priority. Whether You Have 3 Billion In The Bank Or  3000 Dollars.   Is Chivalry Dead Today?
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As an old fashioned sort of guy,I would have to say " first to the life boat gets a seat ".No it should be children and women first,Equality has it's disadvantages as well as advantages!!
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All children and women should always be the first people rescued in a disaster because, children are our future and women give birth to our future.
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It should be injured, children, then whoever else. I don't really agree with the whole 'ladies first' thing. Even if naturally men are stronger, it should be equal.

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