Which Instrument Was Originally Invented As A Torture Device To Pull Out Nails?


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Pincers were reputedly devised as a torture device to pull out nails from fingers. However, there are records dating back from Roman Times, that the Romans used pincers to remove nails from wood. So this may be the original purpose, not torture.
Pincers are basically a gripping tool which is formed by two limbs which are pivoted together and so form a pair of 'jaws' to grasp something with. They are based on the claws of crustaceans such as crabs who can grab things and squeeze or pull them using the claws.
Whilst pincers were used throughout history as torture devices, even during the Spanish Inquisition heated pincers were used to spear through the chest of the accused, they are now used widely within the medical profession. They can be used ot remove objects from the human body and have been developed and refined to be of particular use in key-hole surgery.
Small pincers are often used within the home and are referred to as tweezers.

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