What Is Calendar Method?


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Birth control using the lunar cycle which matches perhaps a majority of women.  My wife's periods were like clockwork (28 days each just like the moon's cycle).  It's amazing, actually.  But not all women are so blessed.  Plus, along came those self-god crazy roman emperors who wanted months named after them.  So, they threw out the old 28 day months (13 per year plus one day of Jubilee that belonged by itself) and those crazies reduced the calendar to 12 months of irregular days per month.  Stupid!!!  (I am not Jewish, either).
So, using the lunar cycle, if one has a 28 day cycle, is easy.  But using a messed up modern calendar, it's not so easy.
There are religions that use the lunar month to time birth control so that it's unlawful to have sex when the possibility of getting pregnant does not exist.  Just reverse that timing and one can avoid pregnancy.  My wife's worked like a clock timed to the moon.  But don't take any chances if you're not married and can't support babies.  Abstain from risky sex.  Be satisfied to grow up first.  Let your brain catch up to your body, first.  IMHO.  I wish I had remained a virgin male till marriage.  I am not a prude, either.  There are other ways to release young sex drive.  My wife made me save going all the way for our marriage.  I am glad she did.

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