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Abdul Sattar Edhi is a highly-honoured name in Pakistan. He is a Social Worker who has dedicated his life to serving humanity.

Abdual Sattar Edhi was born in the city of Gujrat in India in 1931. His mother died when he was only nineteen years old, she had been ill for many years. Edhi had watched his mother suffer for through illness, and decided to help other humans in similar situations.

A few years after Edhi and his family migrated to Pakistan he started his social work. He established the 'Edhi Trust' in 1948, and has never looked back. Today his organization has a yearly (non-government) funding of five million dollars.
He has a network of ambulances, hospitals, relief centers, women's centers all over Pakistan.

Some of the services that Edhi Trust Foundation provides are:

1) Edhi foundation takes care of babies that have been abandoned by their family or have lost their parents in an accident or natural calamity etc.

2) It provides shelter for the homeless, mentally unstable, handicapped individuals of the society.

3) Provides free burial services for bodies that are unclaimed.

4) Education and technical training is provided to homeless children.

5) Free medical treatments and lab tests are provided at Edhi centers all over Pakistan.

These are just some of the numerous services provided by Edhi Trust Foundation. It has also established international branches in New York, Dubai, and London.

Abdul Sattar Edhi has recently been honoured with a doctorate degree for his remarkable services to humanity.

We should all learn a little from this great man, and help the less privileged around us in any way possible.

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Abdul Sattar Edhi is a Pakistani National who has been involved in Social work for almost 50 years setting up Edhi Foundation on the way with his wife Bilquis who heads Bilquis Edhi foundation. He is considered by many a living legend.

An angel for people around the world who has come to their rescue every time he has been wanted. Born in 1928 in the state of Gujrat, India. Maulana Edhi as he is popularly known started his career after his family moved to Karachi, Pakistan where he set up a shop. It is at this shop that he started his voluntary work when he started a dispensary.

From there onwards he never looked back, setting up one of the biggest networks of Social organizations for which now Guinness books of world record have officially rated as Edhi Foundation having the largest private ambulance service network in the world.

Edhi foundation has been an entity which has been serving people who are medically ill, it provides the services for people without support, it also serves children who are effected by various disasters.

For his works, the Pakistan government has awarded him with a Nishan Imtiaz. He has been the recipient of the 1986 Ramin Magsaysay Award and also the Lenin Peace Prize.
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Abdul Sattar Edhi is a social worker who has for long been a man on a mission. Born in 1931 in the village of Bantwa near Junagadh in Gujarat, India, Edhi had a big shock at a young age when his mother became paralysed and was later declared mentally ill. This happened when he was just a boy of 11. He saw his mother suffering as he grew up, finally witnessing her death when he was just 19. He was deeply affected by seeing his mother that way, and determined that he would ensure to alleviate the conditions of the poor and the needy.

Once Independence came and Pakistan was formed, Edhi moved to Pakistan with family. He then decided to get busy with charity work and worked towards relentlessly, resulting in the formation of the Edhi Trust. Started off in 1948, the Delhi Trust now receives adequate funding to the tune of $5 million per year. The initial money he raised by placing his work before the public was Rs. 200,000.00. His organization does not receive any form of governmental aid, and is of epic proportions now. Currently, Edhi's foundation runs 300 relief centres, 3 ambulances, only not the natural sort – these are airborne. His foundation also has on its list 24 hospitals; three drug rehab outfits, free outdoor medical facilities (including a tendency), besides hosting women's homes, adoption programs, and free food centres. The food centres alone take care of a 100,000 guys a month. Moreover, the foundation has also paid for the training programs for nurses.

Abdul Sattar Edhi is considered a relentless worker who is totally committed and focused on the work he is doing.
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Abdul Sattar Edhi:
It won't be wrong if Abdul Sattar Edhi is a called an angel like person. He is the founder of an international non government organization called Abdul Sattar Edhi foundation with its branches all over the country and internationally also.

Abdul Sattar Edhi was born in state of Joona Garh, India in 1931.The idea of serving started when in his eleventh year his mother was stuck by paralysis. At last his mother passed away in his 19th year. Her continuous illness lasted an impact on Sattar Edhi and he thought of thousands of such mothers.
After Pakistan came into being his family migrated to Pakistan. After settling in Pakistan he started charity work for needy sick people. The response of funds collection encouraged him to establish Trust in his own name Edhi Trust, and able to raise handsome amount of Rs.200, 000.The service expanded very soon and in 1948 he registered his organization and admitted injured people to his trust. The organization without state help started raising $5 million each year.

By the grace of Almighty Allah Edhi foundation is having following facilities through out the country:

•500 road ambulances
•3 air ambulances
•24 hospitals
•3 Medicine rehabilitation centre
•300 permanent relief centres
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Ever since the creation of Pakistan in 1947, the nation and its people have worked very hard towards prosperity and stability, both political and economical. There are a number of Pakistani nationals, who have stretched beyond to earn the nation a name in the world arena. They have made a mark for themselves in the spheres of sports, politics and social work.

Abdul Sattar Edhi is a philanthropist from Pakistan. His work within his immediate society and outside of it is truly commendable. He heads the Edhi Foundation, which is his medium of approach. The initiatives of Abdul Sattar Edhi are not contained to Pakistan only. In fact, the philanthropist has been duly rewarded for his contributions to society. He was the recipient of the Ramon Magsaysay Award for Public Service in 1986. The Government of Pakistan honored him with the 'Nishan-e-Imtiaz' in 1989.

Abdul Sattar Edhi has his name etched in the annals of the Guinness Book of World Records for the largest private ambulance service in the world! His social work also earned him the Lenin Peace Prize and his contribution to society is not only heralded in Pakistan, but people and governments all over the world are in awe of this handsome personality.

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