What Structure Is Called 'Little Nucleus'?


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  The 'Little nucleus' is a part of the nucleus that is inside every cell of an organism. The nucleus is found as a central body in every cell and there is a dark rounded part inside this nucleus which is called the "nucleolus" or the little nucleus. The plural of Nucleolus is Nucleoli. This is a sub-organelle of the nucleus of the cell. The nucleolus is like a sphere and it has condensed chromatin around. It does not have any membrane around it. It floats in the nucleus fluid called the nucleoplasm. There can be one or more nucleoli in a cell although there could be some cells that might not have any.

  These nucleoli are full of proteins and a certain type of nucleic acid which is generally known as the Ribonuelic acid or the RNA. The function of the nucleoli is to synthesize or make RNZ that is used to make the Ribosomal RNA or r RNA. They may have some other activities too besides making RNA.

  When sells reproduce by mitosis, the Nucleoli breaks up into fragments and is not seen as a separate entity. When the cell separation is complete, the fragments of nucleoli join together again and resume their position inside the nucleus.

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