Can You Explain The Element "Population" Of The State As A Political Organized Society Or Community?


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Population is the important element of the state. Without population we cannot conceive of a state. Broadly speaking the population of a state consists of three kinds of inhabitants, full members state, called the citizens who envoy all rights and perform every duty towards their state. The subjects or national of the state who enjoy some rights and non members called aliens, who are given only civil rights of life and property.

The first two categories are the real elements of the population of a state. The question, which had much occupied the attention of ancient as well modern thinkers is, how large should be the population of a state?

Plato answered that the population must be 5040 persons and Aristotle suggest that it must be ten thousand to one lac, but it is not so important that it must be large or less. It should large enough to be well governed.

There are small states with a population of few millions like Albania and very large states as United States of America or China. No limit theoretical or practical can be placed on the population of a state only one thing can said, the population should be so much as would be sufficient to perform all the needs of culture, arts, learning, industry, agriculture, defence and civilized life.

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