Are They Sea Ticks Or Seed Ticks?


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They are "Seed Ticks"!!!! I had the exact same question and I finally got my answer after going through hell! I have never had a tick problem but was a little late on my cats Frontline. NEVER AGAIN!!! My house is getting exterminated tomorrow thank God!
My cat was on my couch sleeping on a big furry leopard blanket that I keep on the couch. Within minutes of sitting down, my husband and I found one, then two, then three... I freaked out and put all the blankets around in the dryer for about five hours on high heat to kill them. They are actually baby ticks that have just hatched. After hatching, they stay in large groups and find a host.If you see one, there are usually more and you need to get it under control before it gets out of hand.I have not seen any more in my house unless the cat comes in. After two days I am still finding them on him and I used the Frontline plus from the vet. I don't know if it just takes time or what??? Will find out tomorrow though. The exterminator told me though that if you have them, you need to treat your house soon. They will be all over your house if not. Even in the attic!!! Once you properly treat your house, pet and yard you should be fine. At least thats what they tell me. We will see!!!!

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