What is gram positive cocci?


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Gram positive cocci is a type of bacteria. In1884 Dr. Christian gram invented a stain to color the microscopic bacteria. It is called "crystal violet". Some becteria has "tikoic acid" in their cell wall. This tikoic acid helps the becteria to catch the violet stain. Thus their colour became volet after using the crystal violet. They are called gram positive becteria. The becteria which didnot catch the colour are called gram negetive becteria.  Which becteria's shape is spherical or round are called coccus becteria. The plural form of coccus is cocci. So the gram positive cocci means a type of becteria which cacthes the violet colour when stained with crystal violet and which has a spherical or round shape. Example:::: Streptococcus fikalis

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