If A Circle Is 36 Across How Many Inches Is It Around?


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Sarah Walsh answered
If the circle was 36in = across/diameter
the radios would be 18in
so the sum on a scientific calculator would be 2*pi*r (r=radios) (radios=18)
the answer would be: 113.0973355292326in
but you would round it down to 113in
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ali imran answered
Your question is not clear. There are two flaws in your question. In first part of question you have told about the circle to be 36. There are two types of quantities. One is known as scalar and other type is known as vector. Scalar quantities are described by a numerical value and a proper unit. Vectors require the direction as well as numerical value and proper unit. In this case you have not mentioned the unit with the numerical value 36. In circle measurements, these are the things usually measured.

1. Radius
2. Diameter (double of radius)
3. Circumference (area covered by the boundary of the circle)
4. Area of the circle.
The ambiguous thing is that either you want to find area of the circle or circumference?
According to my understanding 36 is your diameter. Dividing it by two gives the radius as 18 (check the units). For finding the circumference the formula is 2*pi*R where R is radius and pi is the constant with a value 22/7 or 3.14 approximately. For the area of the circle formula is pi*R*R (R*R represents the square of R). Now by using the given formulas you can calculate your required term.

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