Where Is Heaven?


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Go outside on a clear day, and look  up at the blue sky.. Heaven is just on the other side of that.  The Bible tells us that God's throne is pure sapphire.  I wonder if the blue we see is the under side of it!
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Heaven is where God is.
If you believe and trust in Jesus Christ, that He is the Holy Only Begotten Son of our Holy Father God Almighty, then the Holy Spirit of Almighty God dwells within you thus the Kingdom of Heaven is within you.
Praise and thank our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ
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I believe it's in your heart and mind and all the good thoughts and deeds one does and has. Heaven can be here and now if we want it to be. Unfortunately there too many of those that dwell on the negativity, greed and selfishness.
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In the afterlife.
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No one knows, But if you get saved whan you are living when you die you will go to Heaven.
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Thats God's business. Anyway, we won't go to heaven, no humans will, they will and can only live on the earth, Even after the resurrection, the earth will be cleans of all the evil and the good will be left on the earth to live eternal life. Heaven is only for God and his son Jesus.
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Heaven is all here.. There is no different world called heaven or hell.. Its all here.. On this earth.. Do good karma and you book your entry to heaven and do bad and forget heaven.. Then be prepared for hell..

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