Do you socialize with your neighbors?


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Not anymore. We used to be good friends with our next door neighbors until the time we asked the daughter to feed our dog while we were gone, and she went through and stole stuff out of our house. Now we are barely on speaking terms.

Other than that, I only know the name of the neighbor across the street and say hi when he is outside, but after 20 years here, I don't know any of the other neighbors.
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How  can I socialize with neighbors  that  most can't stand  their own self  or  have their own life  and  most  can  watch me  walk  a hill  with  bags of  grocery and other items  and not even offer me  a  ride  up the  hill   and  we live on the same street , Now  these are people who are greedy and  care for no one but  them self
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We (my husband and I) are very friendly with the neighbor behind us and next door to us.  We know and speak to the neighbors across the street and several other of the neighbors on our block and the street to the side of us.  I am treasurer and V.P. Of our neighborhood association (about 400 homes) so I know the names of a great many of the neighbors.  Being in social contact with most of them, no.  We have a good neighborhood, relatively crime free,  and everyone is congenial, waving and speaking when we see each other.
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Yes of course
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Yeah always I go and hang out with the guys Zeke John Mike and James there my neighbors and friends
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We should be nice to our neighbors.We'll keep them happy then they'll keep us happy.Be kind so people can like you.I hope it helps.
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Yes, very much so. I watch the cross the road neighbors kids after school. Have the phone numbers to almost all my neighbors, heck, have numbers for nieghbors that aren't really neighbors. Very tight knit community. Even if you don't know your neighbor, they still wave as they pass.

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