If your brain does not work at all than how can you work harder? It makes no sense at all.


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If the brain stops working at all, then you're legally brain dead and won't live much longer so only parts of the brain quit working for whatever and in your case it's the part that's causing your speech impediment and slowing down your learning process too so your whole brain has NOT quit working.
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Your brain works even when you're sleeping Maxine, otherwise you'd be dead and gone. As for working harder, there are resources online and books that give help and advice on study techniques, essay writing and how to pass exams etc. Everyone feels like this at one time or another, even at work and they all need to use resources to work harder or be successful. That's why they're available as they do work.
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The brain can change and grow. Through neural plasticity if can create new neural pathways. You just have to work at the right exercises. My sons has auditory processing disorder, but through different exercises we have been able to slowly help him create new pathways through the brain that make him better able to work with it.
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In other words, you have parts of the brain that are obviously working or you wouldn't be able to function on any level. You use the areas that are working to help slowly work around the areas that are not. They used to think that the brain was fully formed once you were an adult and that you simply had to work with what you have, they have since learned otherwise. The brain can continue to develop (albeit slowly) even in adulthood.

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