How to find a goal in life?


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Arthur Wright Profile
Arthur Wright answered
This is inside each of us so you just have to find something you always wanted to do or want to become and set that as your goal in life and of course you can change it as you go since it is your life but you need something to aim for or you'll go nowhere in life.
Oddman Profile
Oddman answered
Engage with the world. Meditate on what you see and how you feel about it.

You will discover the things you are passionate about and the places where you can and want to make a difference.
Adila Adila Profile
Adila Adila answered
Ask yourself, what you WANT? What do you want to ACHIEVE? Is it something you're good at? A talent maybe? A challenge? Budding artist or athlete? Or do you just want to be HAPPY? That's a goal in itself! Good luck!

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