Why Does A Bathroom Mirror Become Fogged While You Take A Shower?


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The mirror becomes fogged up due to a process called condensation which occurs when a vapor (gaseous form) to the liquid form without passing through the solid form. As you take the shower, many water vapors are formed that rise up. The mirror’s temperature is quite low; equivalent to vapor’s dew point temperature. This means that whenever vapor comes into contact with the mirror, they are directly converted into dew or liquid form and hence the mirror gets fogged up.
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Simple physics !!

If you have a bathroom that is almost hermetically closed while you use the bathroom, you have very little airflow, so the steam *hangs around*

You MUST allow for airflow and that can only be done if you make a vent where the air can come into the bathroom and then gets sucked out of it by the fan.

Try taking a hot shower with the door cracked open one day when nobody is there to *bother* you ...

If still steamy windows, then not enough airflow from the fan !
Get a bigger one, or your outlet of the fan is very inefficient !



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Well, that is quite simple. Since you are bathing with hot
water, the fog is the condensation of vapour as it touches the cooler surface
of the mirror. If you run cold water beforehand, you will cool down the bath
tub and everything around and the vapour from the hot shower will condense
right there without reaching the mirror.

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