Can I grow roses in pots and if so what varieties would you reccommend?


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You can grow them in large pots or containers like a half-barrel, but only for 2-3 years as roses become pot-bound after that. They have long roots and prefer a long " root run " where they can absorb water and nutrients from the soil more easily. When that happens, it's better to plant them directly into the garden where they can flower more freely.

If you're setting bare-root or container roses, don't plant them in hot weather as the roots and leaves will dry out, the blooms ( if any ) will " ball up " and you've lost the season's first flush of blooms. A dull. Cloudy day or even with light showers of rain is the best time to plant roses. Gertrude Jekyll, Graham Thomas, Cottage Rose and Gentle Hermione are some examples of roses that do well in large pots.
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You can grow pretty much any rose in a pot or a garden. The trick is to make sure the soil is good, your watering schedule is regular, you prune every year, and fertilize every spring.

Remember, every area has it's own "hardiness zone". This means without knowing your zone, it's difficult to give you a perfect answer. Generally your local nurseries carry what is the popular for your area as well as grow easily.

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