Why Is My Gold Ring Just Now Giving Me A Nasty Rash?


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It could be a build up of debris under the ring that your allergic to. Or perhaps the gold paint is wearing off, ha ha only kidding. Try giving it a good clean if you can get it off.
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LOL funny! I did have it deep cleaned but it still happens. Thanks for the reply
R Maye
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I'm pretty sure your ring is 10k plus. As we grow older our bodies change. We can begin to have allergies in our old age and reaction to chemicals. I only wear 14k + earrings and as of late, my ear lobes turn green, right at the area where the metal meets the skin. Your body and chemical make up is probably changing. Try wearing the ring on a different finger, leaving the rash to air out. If you do household chores like washing dishes, gardening and also bathe with the ring on, shampoo and soap can get underneath and form a rash while the skin is wet.
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If it is fake. Maybe you should take it to a jewelry place so that they can determine whether it is real or fake.

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