Do You Think It Was Right To Take Eagles Off The Endangered Species List?


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If the birds are no longer in danger of becoming extinct, then they were right to take them off the list. I am pretty certain that it is still against the law to hunt them. I think the only people who should be allowed to hunt them are the Native Americans, and only on their reservations. I think an exception like this would be appropriate, since many Native American's Culture's revere the Eagle, and it's parts, used in some of their Religious ceremonies.
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I think all wild life should be on the endangered species list (including humans) and control of wildlife population be under the watchful eye of agencies dedicated to monitor over population.
In most countries it there is no need to go out and kill wildlife. In this day and age all of our food needs can be met in the stores.
Hunters are normally killing just for the sport of killing. If they want a trophy and a challenge, they should try shooting wildlife with a camera instead of a gun; it presents a much larger challenge.
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terry rossignol
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agreed!!!!!!!!!! i think most hunters don't do it for the food and that is sad!!!!if they want a trophy so bad go and get one at a store!!!!
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They never should have been taken off the endangered species list. They are supposed to be protected. The American Bald Eagle is our national symbol. Peace
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I don't think so. I believe all animals should be on the endangered species list as long as man inhabits this planet. I love eagles. The American bald eagle is a beautiful bird and being the nations emblem, never forsaken! Taking it off the list is a bad mistake.
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terry rossignol
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i totally agree with you as i love them too!!!!!!!!!
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no,, they should still be on the list. reason is, a lot of hunters still want to shoot them, I think out government( what a joke they are ) should have a mandatory fine of $5,000 for shooting a eagle. I'm sure that would slow down the shooting of these fine birds..
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No, they should STILL be on the endangered list. One reason, there are still hunters out there that want to shoot them. I think our government
( what a joke they are) should put a mandatory fine of $5,000 for shooting an eagle,, i think that would slow down some of the idiots that want to shoot them,

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