Can Anybody Tell Me Or Does Any One Know Why My Eye Has Been Twitching All Day? It's Really Starting To Get On My Nerves.


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Eye twitches can be annoying, but they are generally harmless. Involuntary spasms in the muscles of the eyelid causes eye twitch. Eye twitches often occur randomly and infrequently and will last for a period of a few hours up to a few days. Eye Twitches usually disappear on their own and have no long term side effects, very rarely some serious cases may require surgical treatment.
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Great job love!! The only other thing that I would add it to drink orange juice, or eat a banana and see if this doesn't help, as sometimes, low potassium can cause this to happen too.
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I agree with both Nascarnut and tiggermom but another thing that Ive noticed if I'm very tired and Ive put my eyes through a lot of strenuous reading or so then my eyes will twitche for days on end but it goes away after a few days

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