What Day Of The Week Do You Like Best?


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Brandi lol Profile
Brandi lol answered
I like Fridays. The not sleeping in part's a bit of a bummer but its like the end of the week, who hoo weekend, type of feeling.
Chris ???? Profile
Chris ???? answered
My favorite day is Saturday because it's the first day of the weekend and my day to nerd it up with friends.
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Brandi lol
Brandi lol commented
sounds perfect but so far away...can i have a pick me up now please? i promise to pay you back later.
Chris ????
Chris ???? commented
Baby, I'm already on my way up there. I'll be there to pick you up after school.
Brandi lol
Brandi lol commented
yay, i'll be waiting
Vatsal Agarwal Profile
Vatsal Agarwal answered
I like Wednesday best because I was born on that day.
Jacquelyn Mathis Profile
I like Saturday to sleep in, and Sunday for football. Go Steelers!
andi XD Profile
andi XD answered
I love Saturday because I'm out of school my mom doesn't have to work I can stay and relax at home or I can hang out with friends i love Saturdays
Lena JH Profile
Lena JH answered
I've liked Thursdays since I was a kid, I really don't know why. But now I like Thursdays because in college it's the first night of the weekend and everyone parties all weekend long. = D
Rose Ire Profile
Rose Ire answered
I like wednesdays Because i get to go to my youth group and let it all out.
Cindy Thompson Profile
Cindy Thompson answered
I like any day of the week because I'm alive. Saturday and Sunday rank pretty high because my husband is off work and we can spend more time together. If the kids come home for a visit, because they all live out of state, I love spending time with the family.
Kymm Profile
Kymm answered
My favorite day of the week is Sunday because it's my day off. I don't have to work on sunday and my husband and daughter take care of my son so I can sleep in and bum around all day.( Unless of course theres a really stinky diaper then the whimps yell for me to change it)...LOL
Denis Taylor Profile
Denis Taylor answered
I like from Friday at about 5PM till 5PM Sunday.....I guess that means Saturday's the best day....no work and no work the next day either!!
Anonymous Profile
Anonymous answered
All the time I am alive, every day is special. (That's because I'm old and retired).  When I worked, Friday was great as the weekend was just about to start.
terry rossignol Profile
terry rossignol answered
I love sat. And sun. Because those are the days i get to spent family time!!!  but i do enjoy the week days to because i get to be here talking to all my friends!!
Ree Ree Profile
Ree Ree answered
When ever it's my day off...I work on a rotating schedule so Guess I like them all. It's nice to have a day off in the middle of the week...not so busy out..
Farwah Manekia Profile
Farwah Manekia answered
I love Fridays, cause They carry with them loads of messages that weekends are here and let's enjoy!!!!!
Anonymous Profile
Anonymous answered
My favourite day of the week are Friday's because all the fun stuff in my school happens on that day.I also happen to love school.
Brian Reed Profile
Brian Reed answered
Most definitely Friday. It is the day when I get paid and do not have to work the next day, MMm mmm love those fridays lol
Michael Regenauer Profile
I like Monday because I'm retired and I can look out the window and watch everyone tied up in rush hour traffic. Days with heavy snow or freezing rain are the most fun to watch LOL.

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