What Is The Price Gouging At Your Gas Station?


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It's about $3.62, though I have seen it gouged at $4.18
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Wooh! Where did you get $1.25 from? Where do you live? Stockton, CA is around $3.80 to $4.20. It goes up and down every day(O_o).
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the $1.25 is not the total cost of the gas, it is secretly added to the total cost of the gas per gallon. The pumps are pre set at $1.25, then what ever the gas price is, is added to the amount- like say gas is $4.00/gallon. these stations are adding $1.25 to the 4 dollars per gallon, making it 5.25/gallon. But the patron thinks they are paying 4.oo gal. They are actually paying more and getting less gas.
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The gas here is NOT $1.25/gallon, it is more like $3.50/gallon.  These stations are secretly adding $1.25/gallon to the advertised price and the people do not know it. So they are paying $4.75/gallon when the they think it is $3.50/gallon
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oh. I guess we should do our math too huh? How would we find this out? does it show on our receipt?
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I don't know how you track this, I think someone noticed on the gas tank that it read $1.25 on some of the pumps- not all. Guess the gas station was hoping people would not notice the price on the tank. I think the oil companies and even gas stations think the average US citizen is just a dumb naive little peon who don't know any better. We real need t start making some noise over all this nonsense.
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You tell the seller how much gas you want, pay them and they set the pump. When the pump approaches the amount you purchased it speeds up, instead of slowing down to stop at your purchased amount. If your head is turned, you are in trouble. The seller was approached regarding this and they said, "Oh, I thought I set it at that and I had to pay for the over run because I did the pumping, which made me responsible."

The same thing was done to the person next to me on a different pump. So, there was nothing wrong with my pump nor did the seller make a mistake. It was a new way for Teshs' Grocery in Huntersville, NC to price gouge and it was not their first time...just a different way.

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