Have You Ever Been Told That Since You Have A Psychiatric Diagnoses, You Don't Count In The Real Scheme Of Life.?


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No never and would you like to know why because I would tell them that maybe they are the cause of my Psychiatric problems and why don't I count in their life's (not in the real scheme of life, because in the real scheme of life I would be accepted), well maybe I don't count in their life's because they are so narrow minded and can't understand what Im saying because Im talking over their heads.
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Penny Kay
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Exactly, I am talking over their heads. I wrote a letter (total sarcasm) to my landlords that are so sadiddy (better than me), it was dripping with honey, thanking them for the many injustices that they have done us, and asked them where they got their impeccible people skills, WWF or Jerry Springer, They didn't get it. My James, who is uneducated rolled on the floor when he got the call. Thanks again. My Grandmother use to tell me that I was too intelligent that people did not get me.LOL
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Dear penny my 32 year old son was diagnosed with schizophenia when he was 15
he was laughed at by so many different people even his oldest brother and wife would laugh in his face people were soooooo cruel to him.
i would have to go to the school bring him home and he would not leave his room for days i would have to make him shower and taught him he was not a hopeless person
i taught him to love himself to love life and to stand up for himself today years on he is the most loving caring son a mum could ask for. When people are nasty to me he says mum stop being a mouse stand up for your self he has a heart of gold he is so kind hearted and helps everyone a girl refused to serve him one day i got upset but he did not he just she is the one with the problem and waited for someone else to serve him.
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greg c
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2489, that's beautiful and perfect!! We who suffer from a mental illness are NOT victims!! We are victims until we understand and accept our illness for what it is and move on...as your son seems to have done. Maybe one day you might help him to share his story with a magazine on mental illness or schizophrenia. Shut those critics right up, right?!!
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This always happens to people that think outside the box,and they dislike you for no reason they can not verbalize the reason for the dislike, but knowledge and education keeps you one step ahead of them, so just keep moving forward and don't look back they will either catch up and thank you or they will be left by the wayside......HUGS
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Sticks and stones, right?!! Let them say what they will, label, categorize, name-call, whatever. They are doing nothing more than profiling, denying, and stigmatizing. If that's all they've got, then they are gettin really low on ammo!! Those of us who understand and have accepted our mental illness have moved beyond those things. The day ever comes where i'm not allowed to participate in normal "life activities and duties" because of my illness will be the day i make a lot of noise. And if i have to go underground, i will. And i will invite all my "crazy", "nutty", "insane" fellow human beings to join me there. Besides, i don't answer to "them". I answer to a - THEE - Higher Power, right?!!! The One who is "no respecter of persons."
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I have been blamed for many things in my life, having a bi-polar mom, that was not my fault. I love my mom very much. Yes, I struggle with depression every day. But none of us are nuts. Especially, not you. Don't let anyone tell you other wise and say that you are or blame you for things that you have no control over. It is just easier to blame others I guess, but that is not the right answer. It hurts very much, and makes things much worse. I think some times, it may be the person knows and does it in a way to be able to control us and the certain situations. But don't let that happen. Try and blow it off. Sticking up for yourself doesnt always work, some times you just have to let it go, and blow it off. If it happens a lot then just don't take it any more, and find ways you can change the situation. You or whomever in the situation deserves to be happy. Nothing changes if we don't do something about the situation, I am learning, Take care.

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