Why Did You Choose The City And State You Are Now Living?


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I love the Pacific Coast, and when I left Colorado, where I was brought up, I lived in coastal cities for nearly 30 years, until my husband got transferred to the Northern Valley area. We visit our family in San Diego several times a year, but I would rather be living there than here.

The main drawback is that here we can own our own house, and the cost of living there would mean we would have to live in an apartment or small condo.
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So you miss San Diego? Or Colorado too? Makes sense why you are there. It sure is an interesting and scenic place you are now.
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I don't miss Colorado at all. I hated living there because of the snow. I love San Diego.
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I chose Pennsylvania because it is not too hot, and not too cold. For example Florida is to hot, and Alaska is too cold!
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I was born here in my state of NC, moved around a lot, lived in Asheville many years, sold out and moved 50 miles north.  Regret it.  Would take my house back this instant. Don't plan to stay here too long, will find somewhere else, hopefully within the year.  This is God's country,  but he ain't providing a living but for a few.  And I hate the snow!  The people can be strange, but most of them are pretty good.  They still dig a grave when a family member passes, and they bring food.  There is still a sense of community here.

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