What If The Prevailing Government Decided To Exterminate You And All People Of Your Ethnic Heritage? How Would You Feel, And What Would You Do?


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Well, I have lived through something like that now for the past 15 years since the day the African Government took over our country.  There motto is to drive every single white person out of my country and the sad thing is that they actually succeeded in doing so.  We builded this country to what is was before they took over, we gave them shelter, work, food and we all had a great life together with a great and very rich country in all ways, from industries, mining, farming to what ever you can think of.  We had the best Doctors in the world but now to let our African people also become Doctors they have lowered our standards to much that you take a change to get operated on by them.  All our excellent Doctors left the country and so all our Engineers, accounts, and so I can go on.  Our new Minister said that he will make sure that he drive all the white people out of the country and the ones that don't want to leave will be killed and believe me at the moment we are left with 7,5% white people in my country.  Only white people still left here is the people that can't afford to leave the country as well as people who are as stupid as I am to think that you can still make a difference.  

How do I feel, I am very, very angry, disappointed and sad to see how my country what I've helped to build go to ruin because of these people.  Im angry that after all these years I have to leave my country to live a better life in another country.

What do I do, well I would have loved to fight the system but a hand full of people can't fight billions of people so Im leaving me country, my history, my people, my life to start a new life somewhere else.  I have five weeks left in my country before I leave and believe me Im sad, very sad to leave but there are nothing left here anymore
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Penny Kay
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Sorry dear! I can not imagine how disheartened you must be! I have no respect for racial Haters!
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Tamy, dear friend, I am so very sorry that this has happened to you and the country you love. Hate is a ugly thing whether it is white against black or black against white or brown against black etc. It is a counter productive emotion. Nothing good can come from it. I wish you well in your move and hope that you find peace & love in your new home.
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Joan answered
When Hitler and his ilk decided to rid their country of all the Jews, gypsies etc. There was little resistance.  But, I do not believe that would happen here in the United States.  I believe we would rise up to defend each other with rocks and baseball bats, if necessary.  We have here,  a spirit of love for all our countrymen.  Do we rail against each other on occasion, we do.  But, like the brothers who fight each other  but then take on a common school ground bully,  we would do the same.   I believe in my heart that our nation, as a whole,  would not allow such a thing to happen without a major battle taking place first.  We are raised to believe in freedom, to believe that life is precious, to be compassionate and caring people.  I can not in my deepest imaginings think that the American people would allow such a thing to happen in our country.  

On a personal level, I would fight to the death anyone who decided to exterminate my family.
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Penny Kay
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I agree wholeheartedly. I envy you, your focus and attitude towards this country and people in general. You are truly good hearted, this I know, but if I did not know you, your statement here would tell me that.
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First, I would take a tranquilizer. Then I would dye my hair and change my name. Then I would adopt an accent of another ethnic group.
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Turn domestic terrorist and try to assassinate key leaders in new government regime.

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