What Do You Most Associate With November?


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I always look for the cute Scorpio girl celebrating her birthday.
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Get ready for winter.making sure the truck has it's oil changed.radiator fluid topped off,tires in good condition. Check the wiper fluid and the blades.,raking leaves,make sure the heater works,have plenty of canned foods and drinks in case i can't get to the store because of snow/ice.get the winter clothes out and the heavy blankets.and last but not least think about thanksgiving .all the things God does for me and my family, friends, neighbors, and relatives.
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The last camping adventure...Roaring fire and good food and drink...
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The endless annoying Christmas commercials!
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Keith Old
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They seem to start earlier each year, Wisenhimer.
Jo W.
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Here in Las Vegas they put the Christmas trees and lights up in the stores before the end of August, so by the time November rolls around I don't even feel like celebrating Christmas. It's really ruined the loveliness of the Holiday for us.
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At my age I thank God I made it through October.
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Keith Old
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I know the feeling Jackyl.
The Instigator
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30 days hath September, April, June and November, all the rest have 31 save February which has 28 and Leap year gives it 29. November has an R in it so it's OK to eat oysters. From the song Autumn Leaves, "The days grow short when you reach November." That's just meant for the elderly among you.
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My daughter's birthday.  She was due on the 14th and was kind enough to be born on the 30th.  
My Grandfather's birthday was also in November, on the 18th.
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The wreck of the iron ore boat SS Edmond Fitzgerald November 1975 on lake Superior.
And the loss of it's 29 crew during a gale forced storm.
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The fact that it is nine months after Valentine's Day, and a lot of babies are born then.

I was born on November 16th, which indicates that I may have been conceived, on or about 2-14.
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Hot Cocoa, Stuffing My Face With Chocolate Pie, Roast Turkey Squash.. Being With Relatives...  OOH Yums Eggnog!! Starting To Buy Christmas Cards..Macy's Parade...
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My daughters birthday and the prayer that Christmas will soon pass. I hate how commercialized Christmas has become and the many disappointments that I encounter with attitudes, disingenuous and family shuffling because there is always someone who can't eat Christmas dinner with another. I just wish everyone would go into their OWN hole and leave my household OUT of it.
Oh yea, did I say that I hate the government, too?
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The first thing I think about is my wedding anneversary (20 years last year). Then its onto my favorite holiday, Thanksgiving!! Now, if i could just line up a bunch of guests!! I love a full house!

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