What Is The Worst Thing That Can Happen To A Weatherman?


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Anonymous answered
LIFE, without the possibility of Parole.
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james caison answered
Caught in a rain storm without an umbrella was my first thought, as wrong as it may be.
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Glenn Greenwood answered
I was going to say getting struck by lightning, but I think Mensan got it right when he said life without the possibility of parole.
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He could be wrong half the time and still keep his/her job. If he loses his hair he gets
replaced if she gets wrinkles she gets replaced.
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walter jedyk answered
The weather can change in a second.
And his meterologists record can soar.
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John answered
Lose their job for something others consider highly offensive...having people throw stuff at them while their trying to do the weather outside or just walking down the street. Here is a chocolate shake,have a blueberry slushy,how about a dirty diaper,i've always wondered if any of them have ever been hit literally by a truck while standing on the side of the highway in a snow storm.i had a video on my page showing a weather lady getting literally plowed over by a snow plow truck while doing her commentary. The worst one i have ever seen was in the day after tomorrow when the billboard took him away.how about being stuck on the polar ice cap while being treated for cancer.didn't that just happen for real.
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Donna Kelly answered
Theres so many things that could go wrong with a weather man of  weather WOMAN. Don't forget about us ladies out here keithyboy. The list could go on & on & on & on (a bit like me really, don't you think). One bad one would be when they are reporting on things like hurricanes, earthquakes, warzones & places where bombs have exploded cause they never know if another one could go off at any minute. Lastly i think when dangerous live animals have escaped. One minute they could be reprting into the camera - the next, gonna. Xx
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yarnlady answered
He either gets hit by lightning, buried in an avalanche, or swept out to sea in a hurricane.

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