How Often Do You Agree With Others Just To Be Agreeable?


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Ilina Profile
Ilina answered
A lot. Just to be friendly. But it kills me later on,
Michelle New Zealand Profile
I never agree with others just to be agreeable, one thing I can't and never will be is a hypocrite and by agreeing just to be agreeable would make me an hypocrite.  If you are wrong I will tell you that you are wrong and you are right then I will agree with you.  I will also make sure that I have done my homework before I would agree or disagree with anyone, if it happens on the spur of the moment and Im not sure then I won't say anything until I have all the facts in hand.  Lots of people love me for my honesty because they know that when I say something I do it with knowledge in hand and lots of people don't like me for being so honest especially when it affects themselves.  I will of course never take someone in the face in front of other people if it is something that will make them look bad but I will tell them in private
Merlin Paine Profile
Merlin Paine answered
Never however If I think that the person is going to be unpersuaded with arguments of reason, knowledge, and logic...I will recognize their statements and not comment to any extensive degree as to their statement...more of less recognize their opinion and respect it...Realizing that even I myself am not
Stewart Pinkerton Profile
Never !
Hannah Ashley Profile
Hannah Ashley answered
Not normally, but if I DO agree I  would, duh lol
Nisha Kandola Profile
Nisha Kandola answered
Quite a lot, most of the time it's me lying. If I disagreed with what some people said whilst we're discussing things, they'd know I would go tell everyone what they've said... But I agree and tell everyone anyway.

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