Are Things That Bring Happiness To You Only Temporary?


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Nomad very eloquently describes the joy eternal that can be ours.  I think what you are asking though is about the joy found here on earth.  That being the case, joy is fleeting,  as is sadness.  Nothing remains the same eternally here on earth.
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There is one thing,person,God that gives me eternal happiness or should i say joy is overwhelming to think the one that created all of us loves us so much that he came to earth as flesh/a man to take my/our punishment for sinning against him that he made a way for us to be forgiven through this sacrifice of himself on  the cross after being betrayed,beaten stripped of everything and degraded worse than any man has been degraded before or since because he committed no wrong/sin against anyone or anything(law) but still gave his life so i /you could re-enter heaven to live for eternity. This blows peoples minds that he did this for just the asking ,no price or deed can earn this.just accepting him as your/my saviour. So this is not temporary but for the preacher on tv tells it,if a eagle was to pass over the tallest mountain on earth each year and remove one grain of sand or flake of stone/dirt when the mountain was worn smooth/level with the ground surrounding it this would not even be the first second of the first day of the rest of your eternal life.just giving you a example of how this happiness/joy is not temporary.don't get me wrong i may go through the problems of daily life on earth but i have something to look forward to that nothing can take from me even on my worst days/week/month/year. Let me add one more thought-seek the lord first in all things and the rest will be added to you.(all your needs and wants and desires will be added to you).
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When you look to outside influences or situations to make you happy, it will be only temporary. Once you realize that happiness is in your own perception, you can be happy all by yourself, and you don't need 'things' to make that happen.

I made a pledge a long time ago to be happy every single day for the rest of my life. I wake up every morning and ask myself how I can make this the best day of my life.
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Life is temporary so I suppose that makes everything temporary....One must learn to be happy and content with their lives within reason. One should strive to be happy in the present. There is no guarantee of tomorrow....
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The ONLY thing that is permanent in this physical universe is LOVE. That you can take with you when you go to God when your time on Earth is up.
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No.. Music And Writing Bring Me Happiness And They Are  My Endless Supply Of Contentment. Long As I Can Hear; I Will Listen To My CDS As Long As I Can Write And Think I Will Write In My Journal.  My Collection Of Pigs Is Constantly Growing. I Love Pigs For 30 Years Now.. I Find These Things Make Me Happy... I Don't Need Alcohol.. Or Drugs To Make Me Happy.. My Sons Make Me Happy..Happiness Is What You Make Of It.. I Decided A Long Time Ago That I Would Collect Pigs.. So Now I Hunt For All Types Of Pigs In All Sorts Of Sizes And Colors. Find Something Or Someone That Makes You Happy..People Can Give You 70 Years Of Happiness.. I Like Simple Uncomplicated Things I Guess..Some People Need Expensive Watches To Be Happy; And That's Fine.. Others  Prefer A Massage A Day. It's Only Temporary If You Let It Be.. Just My Two Cents..
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Not really.....unless God deems it necessary to take the things away. ...ex. My daughter, my dog.....I'd get over the material things and the loss of my job, I suppose. All of it is really temporary.
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No.I thank God for my family and friends every day.Material things are usually fleeting,and you get something to replace them.they don't really matter
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Interesting question! My answer to this: It may or it may be, "things" is a general word, now if we equate this term to money: I believe it’s not possible to make a general statement on whether money makes people more or less happy. Money comes with a whole set of new elements that may have good or bad impact on our happiness, and depending on how susceptible we are to every one of them, the conclusion will go one way or the other (i.e. Different from person to person).

I recently made an effort to provide a more comprehensive picture of what these ad- and disadvantages are. I invite you to have a look at
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Well it all depends on what makes you happy. 4 yr old bro. He will always bring a smile to my face (no matter how annoying he can be). If you can find something that makes you happy, then I applaud you my good friend.
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Hi how are you doing? I honestly feel happiness is not temporary because happiness is all around you, even though bad things are happening in this world good things happen as well. Don't think of happiness as a negative because other people see it that way. Think of it as a good positive thing. Always look at the positive think of the power of the universe, if you think happy things then good things will come to you. Don't worry when our time comes God will take us up to heaven and we will come back on earth reborn. Try and enjoy your life in a positive light.
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But if you use them properly when they come along, the happiness--- actually the joy---that might accompany them can last forever.

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I always relish the things which make me happy. I would never forget them, they are permanent.

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