Do You Think Teleportation Will Ever Be Real?


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No, of course I don't believe that.  Some wild things are possible (like cell phones, and traveling to other planets), but trust me, teleportation is just impossible and will never happen.
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"I teleported home last night
With Ron, and Sid, and Meg.
Ron stole Meggy's heart away
And I got Sidney's leg." - The Hitchhiker's Guide

People seem to be misunderstanding a fundamental quality of the feasibility of teleportation. Most realistic models involve breaking your molecule composition down, mapping it (perfectly), encoding the information as data, then be reassembled at point B. It doesn't involve flinging your atoms at light speed across space. Think about a fax machine: It doesn't send the paper through the phone line. It sends the data of what is on the paper, and you end up with an (almost) perfect copy on the other end. I say almost, because a curious quality of the universe is that anytime you copy something, it degrades slightly.

So with this realistic view of teleportation, you can see two things very clearly. 1.) It would be more like cloning than "teleportation" and 2.) every time you did it, you would die. Or at least, the person who steps into the teleporter would die, even though you would be "rebuilt" instantaneously at the other end. You'd still be you, with all of your thoughts and memories, and you would have no idea that you ceased to exist for a split second; but it would be a copy. The more times you teleported, the more times you risk a huge flaw manifesting.

Scott Adams (creator of Dilbert) talks a bit about this and other science fiction technologies in a blog "Life Will Not be Like Star Trek".
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Hi Joe.I KNOW it won't be in our/my life time.Fifty years ago who would have thought that i could send a message to the USA in milli seconds,or a hundred years ago send a space probe to photograph Saturn.Fiction can and does happen,
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Couldn't agree more, it is always fun to watch older television shows and movies which are supposed to take place in the future.... We may not have hover cars for everyone, but we do have communication devices they didn't even imagine back then :)
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I do not know well it is all posable people asked will we ever go into space and well one small step for man one giant leap for mankind so i mean it could happen but it might take a couple of years. But about the clothes thing i do not know but i think with clothes on all i know is that when they first make one i don't want to be the person to try it out for the first time.
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Not really,  It looked kind of neat
on 'Willie Wonka' but I can't see
it in real life.  Too many varibles
have to be taken into account
each time the device is used:
People aren't all in the same condition
for example..some have fillings, some have
replaced joints, some are  on certain drugs,
some are wearing silk and some cotton,  
some have jewlery, some don't...etc...
Then there's the fact people are not all the
same, as well.  Clothing or not, that's a big
problem right there in itself.
All of this has to be taken into consideration,
carefully charted at one end with some sort of
verifier at the other, to make sure every element
goes back where it belongs.  I can't see this
happening for a very long time...
And not even then, either.
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Aw, man. I really don't know on this one.

It's tricky because we have to have FTL flight before that otherwise "beaming" someone would take just as long as flying. I don't wanna step into a teleporter and die of old age before I come out the other portal. That would suck!

I think we're a long, long way from a teleporter. Which disappoints me, because the thought of instantaneous travel is marvelous, since I hate flying and get massively car sick.

I wonder if I'd have to take Gravol for "teleporter sickness"? Hehehehehehe ....
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I think that it will be possible they have don ti with light
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Technically, if we were able to travel near the speed of light from one point to another without our bodies imploding on themselves then time would be nearly the same relative to us for the entire trip.  For the outside world of course, this would be another story.
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In our perhaps many many years from now...why not! would be kind of kewl...maybe like a "Jumper" type thing! =)....oh yeah and hopefully people would still be clothed! LOL =)
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Yea, otherwise we won't need closets, dressers or armoires - we'll just keep clothes at the spots we teleport to most often :)
Thanks Mcrfan87
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What about the Philadelphia Experiment The Navy has already did it with mixed results in the 1940s...
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Yea I heard about that too, The History channel even had a bit on it, some sailors were allegedly fused to the ship. Thanks Socrates63
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Since Jesus did it, then saved folks will be able to do it too
when we get to heaven. See all the good and fun stuff folks not saved will miss out on.
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They should really advertise this much more, It's one of the best selling points I have heard yet :)
Thanks Genew
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Not unless we discover some new law of physics, we do not currently know of a way to transmit matter without transversing the space in between.
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Not til they can break down molecules then transport them to a certain place without spreading then all over te place and then get the molecules to get back together and make a person without them becomin deformed so no.
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Not for another 100 to 200 years. By then, travelling by starship will also become a reality. That's providing that we, as a spieces (I always have a hard spelling this one) are still here by that time.
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Telaportation has been played with by some of the worlds greatest minds, Maybe look into what Einstein had to say about it, He seemed to think and have a theory about it. Here are some links to some information.

P.S. And yes, the Navy did play with this along with Einstein's brain leading the way on it. From what ive heard it turned out to be a pretty gruesome event.

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