When Will The World Economy Recover From Its Latest Woes?


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Hmm i believe that yes our economy will recover from the woes but when is hard to say depening on how the year pans out if more MP's waste money on silly expenses then there is little chance our economy will fully recover however i try and be an optimistic perosn so it is my hope and belief our economy recovers soon :)
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Merlin Paine
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Thanks ........I am not sure what you are talking about when you say ....MP's waste money on silly expenses
Chloe Brisco
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Ahh in Britain there was a massive scandal on MP's the people in the goverment and they aer allowed to claim expenses from tax payers money apart from most went silly and claimed on biscuits porn and moat cleaning sorry should ahve explained better (:
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Umm around 5-8 months lol
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There are ups and downs all throughout history. Just look at this chart of the Dow Jones activity over the past century. It reflects the economy in the U. S. You can search for similar world economy charts, and the information will tell you pretty much the same thing, each up turn and down turn lasts roughly 20 years, or less. We are currently in year 10 or so of a down tick.
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Merlin Paine
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Thank you for a great answer.......Your case is well made .......This is certainly seems to be the reality of capitalism.
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I'd give it about 6 months. Capitalism works!   :-)
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Jack Mahon
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I want to return to a feudalistic social system. Work and be taken care of. No bless Oblige. I despise competition.
Merlin Paine
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Thank you for your answer........I sure hope you are right...........I would say that Laissez-Faire works pretty well if it is in a pure enough form. However capitalism is an evolving institution as is the corporation. After the Civil War corporate lawyers argued that the 14th amendment (an amendment passed specifically to force states to extend suffrage to blacks) made corporations a legal citizen. This gave corporations the power to grow into the monsters that they have become today.
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Yes. It always does.Just watch China go now
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Merlin Paine
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They certainly aren't hurting .....if we would stop the influx of western capital it might help

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