Would the economy be better if rich and famous people did not exist? They will be joining the middle class and the low class.


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Well it quite not possible... Low class is 10 middle class is 20 and rich peoples are 30 if 30 comes on 20 than alternatively 20 is the rich class according to 10.
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No.Nothing will change if they become middle class or low class.As they are giving employment to large number of people.And if they become low class who will feed their employees.Maybe economy will become unbalanced.
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Josie Kadera
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There can be leaders who are less rich though. No rich doesn't mean no leaders. If people were payed more equally then there would be more money to go round for poorer people or countries. It's obviously a lot more complicated than that but that's something to consider.
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Honestly here, it probably wouldnt really matter as our Government is spending money that hasnt been made yet so whatever class one belongs to doesnt matter anymore, especially once the world ends
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And there will always be famous people like singers and people who do stuff. There is nothing wrong with that. It's good. I just think that they are payed more than they can spend!

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