What Does Hypothesis Mean?


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A hypothesis is an answer derived from limited evidence in order to start another investigation to explain an event, phenomena, or mathematical model. It is also known as an educated guess, as there is no assumption of truth involved. A hypothesis can be a single proposition or be made up of several propositions which will trigger a set of scientific experiments to prove right or wrong.

A hypothesis is vital because it helps shape the research structure intended to solve a problem or find an answer. It is important for research in any field because it limits a researcher’s view of problems, and allows them to examine certain aspects of a problem. It is also the starting point for discussing the important parts of a study.

A good hypothesis should state a prediction, meaning that the supposed answer is leaning towards an outcome. The key characteristic of any hypothesis is the fact that it is testable, and that it is also based on some previous observations. The more specific a hypothesis, the more actionable the results for the succeeding experiments. Other factors that should be taken into consideration when writing a hypothesis are its simplicity, scope, fruitfulness, and conservatism. When formulating one, a researcher must first identify what the problem is. Next, make an educated guess on the direction of the difference.

Major variables involved in different outcomes must also be identified. It should be clearly written without unnecessary fluffy words what direction exactly the following research experiments will be taking to prove a point or argument. Ideally, a well-written hypothesis also includes a cause and effect, such as the use of the word "because”.

There are three basic types of hypothesis: General, directional, and measurable. A general hypothesis states the general differences of the variables involved in producing different outcomes; a directional hypothesis states the direction of each variables’ difference, and lastly, a measurable hypothesis discusses the prediction with more precise outcomes.
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Simply put, a hypothesis means "an assumption." It is an uncertain explanation of an observation. Such kind of tentative explanation or an assumption is usually made at the early stages of the investigative process, guiding the investigator in his quest for searching for supporting data. The hypothesis is then declared as right or wrong depending upon the well-researched findings of the study.

In science, a hypothesis is a statement explaining a possibility of natural phenomena. The hypothesis is then tested for its veracity by drawing conclusions. If the conclusion is declared false from the series of observations and experimentation, then the hypothesis is of no value. During the criminal trial, a hypothesis is a theory put forth by either the defence or the prosecutor in order to explain the facts of evidence.
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Hypothesis idea or proposition not derived from experience but formed and used to explain certain facts or to provide the foundation or primary assumption of an argument.
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A Hypothesis is a statement.
It is a step in the Scientific Method.
The Scientific Method is to 1.Ask question background research 3.Make HYPOTHESIS 4.test with experiment 5.analyze results and make a conclusion note that a HYPOTHESIS can be true, false or partially true.
For example:
Theresa told Gina that rice water makes plants grow taller.
Gina wants to find out if what Theresa said was true.
Her question is: Does rice water make plants grow taller.
Her hypothesis could be:Rice water makes plants grow taller.
Then she has to test it.(experiment)
She has to make sure it is a fair test.
The amount of soil in each pot must be the same. The amount of liquid added must be same.The place where the pot is put must be the same. The type of plant,fertiliser...must be the SAME!!!
The only variable you change is the type of water.
After the experiment, Gina has to chack her hypothesis
It does not matter if her hypothesis is wrong
Gina has to conclude.
Her conclusion can be: Rice water makes plant grow faster
If you are wondering why I did not tell you about how to do an EXPERIMENT it is because this is about HYPOTHESIS not EXPERIMENT
Not to boast and if this sounds boastful then I am sorry, but I am just a PRIMARY FOUR GIRL and I understand this... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...
...while some grade fives don't understand
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Excellent question! A hypothesis is what most confuse a theory for. In science a hypothesis is basically an educated guess and a theory is backed up by years of research and mounds of evidence. It's like this, let's say the everyday word is listed first and the scientific word is second. Theory = hypothesis. Fact = theory.
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Hey this dosent make sence see now if some one dosent know whats a hypothesis you have to ascullay write the thing that i is and an example to help more !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 PLZ AKE SENCE I DID GET NOTHING FROM THAT LOLIES <3 <3 :(
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I'm confused!I'm only in 5th graed.
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Well ,
you see that is a easy question
to answer hypothesis mean like you
either guess or predict.

P.S the way I found out what hypothesis means
I asked my teacher and I need to know it for my project!:)
thanks mme ryan (my teacher)
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  A hypothesis is your opinion, your guess, what you think is going to happen!!!
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Hypothesis is a word from Greek origin from word hypotithenai.
Hypothesis definition according to free dictionary is A tentative explanation for an observation, phenomenon, or scientific problem that can be tested by further investigation or Hypothesis can also be defined as Something taken to be true for the purpose of argument or investigation; an assumption. Some of the Synonyms for Hypothesis are Supposition, Theory, Reason and Guess.
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Its consisted either of a suggested explanation for an observable predicting a possible causal correlation mong multiple phenomena
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It is a question that you ask and to try different things to solve it. Like if you are in a science fair, you would say hypothesis: Then tell every one what the question is. Then you would tell
every one what you used to solve it. After that you tell every one what of those things you used to try to solve it  worked the best. Know you know what it means.
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This is a reasonable explanation for a particular observation or natural phenomenon.
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The word Hypothesis is a Greek is from a Greek word hypotithenai which means to put under OR to suppose. Hypothesis is an assumption on which research is conducted to prove it right or wrong and can be defined as an interpretation of a practical situation or condition taken as the ground for action. Some Synonyms for word Hypothesis are Theory, Law, Supposition, Thesis, Suggestion, Proposal and Speculation.
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