Why Do Some People Have Long Eyelashes And Some Have Short Eyelashes?


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Genetics determine the length of your eyelashes, along with your mother’s diet when she was pregnant. It’s been observed that women who eat more olive oil and omega-3 fats when pregnant will have babies with longer, thicker lashes. Eyelashes are on a growth cycle much the same as the hair on your head. They grow at the rate of about every three months, so that when one falls out, it will soon be replaced. If you trim them, however, you will have to wait for them to fall out and grow back to see them return to their original length. It seems to be a myth that trimming lashes encourages them to grow longer.

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It's just your genetic code. There's not much you could do about it. Actually there's nothing you could do about your genetic code. Sorry.
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Animals that have long eyelashes typically live in hot, dry, dusty places and have evolved long eyelashes in order to protect their eyes from the sun and dust.  It would make sence if that this was the case for people too - that somewhere down the line, people with long eyelashes had ansestors that lived in hot and dusty places.  Although, unlike the case of animals, I can't find any evidence that this is the case for people.
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People have different lengths in eyelashes and hair because of their genes and because some people use fake materials and put chemicals on themselves. Don't put chemicals on yourself. Be natural.

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