Do you believe that we really landed on the Moon or do you think it is fake?


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I love this conspiracy theory. I have spent many an hour looking into this and without dragging you into both sides of the argument,  the answer is yes, NASA did get man to the moon.

The shortest summary I can give is:

In 1969, we simply did not have the technology to fake it. 

Today is a completely different story,  we would easily be able to fake it even on a home PC,  but in 1969 this was not possible.

If you want to see a compelling argument around this,  let me know and I will go away and find it somewhere out on the Internet.

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Dan Banks
Dan Banks commented
Awesome video, thanks.
Jason Gregson
Jason Gregson commented
So good, you posted it twice ^_^. It is a rather compelling argument. Difficult to argue that one, but I am sure someone will have a go.
Dan Banks
Dan Banks commented
Haha, yeah sorry about that, got a little bit too excited! Yeah the guy definitely knows his stuff. Didn't ever believe in the conspiracy argument, but did have a few doubts. On the subject of conspiracy theories, what's your take on 9/11?

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