Can you eat the fruit from monkey puzzle trees?


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Monkey puzzle trees (also known as Chilean pines) bear small nuts rather than fruit, but yes, they can be eaten!

If you're lucky enough to own or have access to a nut-producing monkey puzzle tree, either search the ground beneath it for cones (the round, spiky things) or gently pluck one from the branches.

Pictured: Female monkey puzzle tree complete with cones

Monkey Puzzle Trees: Nut Facts

  • The nuts grow in cones that are around eight inches wide
  • Each cone contains about 300 nuts
  • The nuts of the monkey puzzle tree are sweet and rich
  • You can eat them raw
  • Female trees need to be close to a male in order to produce nuts

The nuts should look like this, although they might be smaller if they're not fully-grown. You can still eat them, though—they just might not taste as nice!

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